Business is not “static”—and neither are the solutions that enable and protect it

Businesses are only successful if they are able to grow, expand, adjust, and evolve. In order to grow, compete, and own their place in their market, a business must adopt new models and new technologies to stay relevant and competitive.

As the business evolves, so too must the IT operations and security solutions that protect it. IT Security needs to be FLEXIBLE, NIMBLE, and ELASTIC to match the pace and dynamic modeling of the business it is protecting.

To be successful, a business must answer three core questions:

The Three Core Questions

  1. Are we secure?
  2. Are we going to be secure based on our current and future business plans?
  3. Are we doing the right amount of time, people, and investment to be secure?
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Your security strategy needs to be NIMBLE, ELASTIC and FLEXIBLE or you will not be able to deal with the inevitable security incidents that will arise despite your best laid plans and designs.

Elliot Lewis,   President, Lewis Security Consulting

Rigidity is Detrimental to your Security Architecture: The Principle of Nimble & Elastic Flexibility, LinkedIn, July 19, 2017


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